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  Candidate country - Թեկնածու երկիր
A country that has applied to join the European Union and has been officially accepted as as a candidate for accession.
  Citizenship of the Union - Միության քաղաքացիություն
Citizenship of the Union is dependent on holding the nationality of one of the Member States. Anyone who is a national of a Member State is considered to be a citizen of the Union.
  Comitology - Կոմիտեաբանություն
The term “comitology” describes a procedure during which the Commission while implementing the EU legislation should be assisted by special committees that consist of experts of EU countries.
  Common market - Ընդհանուր շուկա
People, goods and services should be able to move around freely between the member states as if they were all one country, with no checks carried out at the borders and no customs duties paid.
  Communitisation - Համայնացում
Communitisation means transferring a matter which, in the institutional framework of the Union, is dealt with using the intergovernmental method (second and third pillars) to the Community method (first pillar). The Community method is based on the idea that the general interest of Union citizens is best defended when the Community institutions play their full role in the decision-making process, with due regard for the subsidiarity principle.
  Community law - Համայնքի իրավունք
Community law consists of the founding Treaties (primary legislation) and secondary legislation.
  Concentric circles - Համակենտրոն շրջանակներ
This concept involves a Europe made up of subsets of states which have achieved different levels of integration.
  Council - Խորհուրդ
    There exist three different institutions with the word "Council":
  1. European Council
  2. Council of the European Union
    Council of the European Union shall consist of representative of each Member State at the ministerial level.
  3. Council of Europe
    It is not an EU institution but is an international organisation the aims of which is the protection of human rights, promotion of Europe’s cultural diversity and fight against discrimination and xenophobia.
  Cultural capitals - Մշակույթի մայրաքաղաքներ
Every year one or more European cities are designated as the "European capital of culture". The aim is to publicise and celebrate the cultural achievements.
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