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  15.08.2014 EU-MOJ Twinning Project closing event held
    Twinning is a technical support tool which enables the state authority of the beneficiary country to establish direct cooperation with the relevant body of the EU member state for the purposes of institutional and human capacity building, improvement of working methodology and other similar purposes.      >>>
    Why does the European Union use so many official languages? The EU is a democratic organisation so it has to communicate with its citizens in their languages, not to mention the Member States' governments and civil services, businesses and other organisations all over the EU. The public have a right to know what is being done in their name and must also be able to play an active part without having to learn other people's languages. And the European Union passes laws which are directly binding on everyone in the EU, so everybody in the EU, both citizens and the courts, must be able to understand them, which means they must be available in all the official languages.      >>>
  22.06.2009 Learners to rethink 'i before e'
    The spelling mantra "i before e except after c" is no longer worth teaching, according to the British government.
    Advice sent to teachers says there are too few words which follow the rule and recommends using more modern methods to teach spelling to schoolchildren.
    The document, entitled Support for Spelling, which is being distributed to more than 13,000 primary schools, says the rule "is not worth teaching" because it doesn't account for words like 'sufficient,' 'veil' and 'their.'      >>>
  23.12.2008 The Eastern Partnership – an ambitious new chapter in the EU's relations with its Eastern neighbours
    The Commission's proposal for a new Eastern Partnership represents a step change in the EU’s relations with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. This ambitious Partnership foresees a substantial upgrading of the level of political engagement, including the prospect of a new generation of Association Agreements, far-reaching integration into the EU economy, easier travel to the EU for citizens providing that security requirements are met, enhanced energy security arrangements benefitting all concerned, and increased financial assistance.     >>>
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